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        1. 澳大利亞[來自Unimelb]UniMel墨爾本大學Master of Finance相關截止日期
          [新聞信息] 2019-08-06

          尊敬的各位iae合作伙伴,很榮幸與您分享UniMel墨爾本大學Master of Finance相關截止日期


          Embrace the future of finance 
          In 2020, Melbourne Business School is launching a revised Master of Finance, a program that has been redesigned in response to an ever-evolving industry, to give students the advanced technical skills and adaptability they need to excel in their finance careers.

          墨爾本商學院(Melbourne Business School)將于2020年推出針對不斷發展的行業重新設計的課程-Master of Finance


          Our aim is to offer a leading Finance program with an excellent student experience. For this reason, the School is moving toward a smaller, higher caliber cohort.  Consequently, we will be moving towards rounds-based assessment to ensure that we only admit the most qualified candidates into the program.



          Dates for applicants to be considered in the respective round for admission to the Master of Finance are listed in the table below:


          Master of Finance一些相關的截止日期如下:

          Start-year intake

          Application deadline

          Offers made

          Round 1 – July

          30 June

          Early August*

          Round 2 – September

          31 August

          End September*

          Round 3 - November

          31 October

          End of November

                          *Pending CRICOS

          Mid-year intake

          Application deadline

          Offers made

          Round 1 – February

          31 January

          End of February

          Round 2 – April

          31 March

          End of April

          Round 3 – May

          30 April

          End of May


          Applications that are not competitive enough for an immediate offer to be made will be kept in the pool of applications for the next available round. Subject to places availability, we may close application earlier than our published application close date.



           Due to high levels of competition for places in this quality program, applicants are encouraged to submit their completed applications as early as possible. Applicants who have satisfied the Master of Finance’s English language requirement and submitted a competitive Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (unless the applicant has completed an undergraduate degree in Australia or New Zealand or met one of the approved conditions for GMAT or GRE exemption) will be prioritised. Based on the scores of high-quality applicants in previous intakes, a GMAT score of 630 is considered competitive. Incomplete applications will not be considered.



          Applicants will have the option of studying a 150-point Master of Finance (1.5 years full-time) or a 200-point Master of Finance (Enhanced) (2 years full-time) allowing students to maximise their Melbourne Business School experience by taking advantage of our career enhancing range of elective subjects, our Australia-based and overseas Practicum consulting subjects or to undertake an exchange semester with one of our partner universities.


          In launching this exciting program, Melbourne Business School will be supporting our Master of Finance students with a generous scholarships program recognising both academic achievement and cohort diversity, including ten international commencing student scholarships at 25% fee remission.